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Second Quarter Market Update

Second quarter continued strong movement upward with the Wilshire 5000 moving forward 2.42% against the continued backdrop of global and interest rate uncertainty. For the year (1-1-2016 to 7-1-2016), the Wilshire 5000 has gained 3.05% and the Barclays aggregate bond index has gained 5.52%. Evergreen Wealth clients have experienced solid performance against these benchmarks. They say markets like to climb a wall of worry, and our discipline to remain balanced during times of worry is paying off with solid outperformance for the year. The second quarter was dominated largely by interest rate concerns and global events such as the Brexit (Britain’s vote to leave the European Union). We bel

Will Social Security Exist When I Need It?

Every month we will take a stab at answering some of the “hot button” questions posed by our wonderful clients or find good resources that have answered the questions adequately. One of the big questions facing us today is the pressure being placed on the social security system. Many clients have asked, will social security exist when I retire? People have traditionally seen Social Security benefits as the foundation of their retirement planning programs. The Social Security contributions deducted from workers’ paychecks have, in effect, served as a government-enforced retirement savings plan. However, the Social Security system is under increasing strain. Better health care and longer life

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