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How will interest rates affect my account?

Our question of the month from clients is, what will happen if rates increase? Below is a great response from one of our Perrysburg, OH advisor partners, Adam Cufr. We hope this helps explain the basics around rate fluctuation and welcome you to give us a call if you have any specific questions or concerns for your account. We are actively managing the ever changing interest rate environment and the long term opportunities. A perfect summer day as a kid may have included the combination of a friend, an ice cream cone, and a teeter-totter. Push up, fall back down…over and over without a care in the world…warm, active bliss. As an adult, a hardened inner ear drum may make the teeter-totter a

What is Your True Risk?

Investment Risk or Outcome Uncertainty ?? Understanding the difference between risk and uncertainty will be the key determinant to your success as an investor and possibly your success in life! Ever stop to think about your emotions to risk? How you truly define risk? Do you view as possibility of failure or possibility of uncertainty? If you view risk as uncertainty or the possibility of uncertainty, I would like to challenge your thought process for a moment. Contrary to what the media communicates or perhaps the world for that matter, uncertainty does NOT = risk. Uncertainty simply equals a larger set of potential outcomes. Somehow, our society has switched from identifying risk as po

Preparing to Retire in a Down Market

Preparing to Retire in a Down Market In an ideal world, your retirement would be timed perfectly. You would be ready to leave the workforce, your debt would be paid off, and your nest egg would be large enough to provide a comfortable retirement — with some left over to leave a legacy for your heirs. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world, and events can take you by surprise. Only four out of 10 current retirees said they retired when they had planned; half retired earlier.(1) But even if you retire on schedule and have other pieces of the retirement puzzle in place, you cannot predict the stock market. It would be wise to prepare for the possibility that you might retire during a market

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