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Will the election impact your investments?

Will the election impact your investments? Elections can impact markets but not as much as you might think. If you have a good plan, stick with it. *Snippet of article by Fidelity Viewpoints, 10/26/2016 that we find relevant today A recent Fidelity nationwide survey finds 74% of investors think which party controls the government has an impact on the stock market—but perhaps not the way you think. A slim 14% believe whoever sits in the Oval Office has the biggest impact, 28% say control of Congress is key, 33% say it’s a combination, while 26% say political control has no impact at all. What are investors doing about it? Not much. Only 15% of those surveyed have already made or plan to make

Third Quarter Market Update

Q3 Market Update Let me be clear, the economy is not the market! You can have slow economies and wonderful market returns or great economic times and sub par investment returns. Investments in the long run reflect the expected future cash flows, the certainty of the cash flows and then discount to present value price. As managers, we construct portfolios that allow your investments to provide a solid cash flow stream with a high level of certainty for today and tomorrow. Our energy is spent validating the future cash flow stream remains at a high level of certainty and always searching for alternative choices that may offer a more compelling cash flow. Mr. Market sometimes gets crazy and

Rate Hikes Should Happen

Deeper Dive into the Federal Reserve and Rate Hikes Watching my kids ride a bike for the first time now ranks among my proudest moments as a dad. There was something so heartwarming about seeing Gavin and Kiera take off on their own, seeing a pure expression of joy as they propelled the bike forward faster and faster, with more confidence in each pedal stroke. Not unlike riding a bike, the Federal Reserve is experiencing those nerve-racking feelings of letting the bike go for the first time since before the 2008 recession. Only instead of a bike, The Fed is letting the US economy move forward under its own power, without help. Will it fall? What will we do if the economy starts to wobble?

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