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Fundamental Investing

Through many years of experience working with clients and advisors alike, it has become clear to me that many struggle with the fundamental concepts of investing. Investing is simply buying a future stream of cash flows. Investing has many different forms: CDs, bonds, stocks, real estate, farms, etc. Ultimately, all investments fit in one of two broad categories - Debt or Equity. Either you’re loaning money to an entity in exchange for a stated interest rate (future cash flows), or you’re purchasing ownership of property or a business entity in exchange for their future cash flows after expenses. It’s that simple! Naturally, with any form of risk-based investing, there’s never complete certa

Health Care Mess – Opportunity or Land Mine

We believe opportunity always exist somewhere. Generally it is where the headlines place the most fear. Today that environment seems to ce

What an Upset - Market Update

What a month November turned out to be.  I watched in disbelief as the numbers piled up.  The momentum seemed to flow back and forth as tens

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