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How Statistics Can Lead us to a Faulty Conclusion

Below is a great article by one of our Perrysburg, OH advisory partner, Adam Cufr. He explains how statistics can be misleading, and how that is true of nursing homes and LTC needs. Read his article below. _________________________________________________________________________________________ There’s a great expression that goes something like this: 84% of statistics are made up on the spot. See what happened there? We’ll often see statistics being used for persuasive purposes, but what if there’s more to most stats than meets the eye. What if the story being sold isn’t the real story at all? What’s more, how often are we making poor decisions because we never thought to ask more question

The Cost of Caregiving

A 2015 study found that almost 40 million Americans — about one out of six adults — had provided unpaid care to another adult during the previous 12 months. About 60% of caregivers were women, and the average age was 49. It’s probably not surprising that many caregivers were older, but one out of four were millennials between the ages of 18 and 34. This younger group tended to be split more evenly between men and women.1 About 85% of the people being cared for were relatives of the caregiver. Caregiving for a loved one is a noble endeavor, and considering the high cost of professional long-term care, it may be the only alternative for some families. In fact, about half of caregivers reported

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