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Take Time to Care

In our business it is easy to overlook one of our fundamental values to clients and our team. I do it quite often and need reminded daily. We are in the business of Caring. In fact, all businesses are in this same boat but execute in different and creative ways. However you show care; client appreciation events, extra meetings, calls, taking time to listen to stories, etc. Increasing your Care will be a win! Take some time and reflect on this amazing blog post by Seth Godin about Care: Caring is free – Seth Godin In the short run, of course, not caring can save you some money. Don't bother making the facilities quite so clean. Save time and hassle and let the display get a little messy. D

College costs keep going... Down?

College costs has increased dramatically in recent years. However, this will not be the case going forward. Education is changing and advanc

Harvesting Dividend Income

Harvesting Consistent Yields from Dividend Stocks Over the last 50 years, dividends have provided nearly half of the stock market's returns on investment (ROI). The performance of the S&P 500 over the past half century, when you include dividends, is almost twice the total return of the performance of the S&P 500 if you leave out the dividends. -Investopedia Sustainable dividend stocks historically have provided a nice combination of long-term growth, income growth, consistent income and some risk reduction. For long-term income clients, sustainable dividend stocks should be at the heart of investing. The key for harvesting the power of dividend stocks long term and improving the chances yo

Q2 2017 Market Update

Good Times Continue Happy summer to everyone! Hard to believe, but we are a mere month away from kids starting to return to school. I have heard it said before, the older you get the faster time flies and boy am I feeling this effect. Time keeps flying for the markets as well, with a continued slow and steady move upwards. Through the first half of 2017, equities continue to deliver solid and steady gains with very little in the way of interruptions. The Wilshire 5000, Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq have been no more than about 3% off their 2017 highs at any point during the year. The Wilshire 5000 was up 7.70% for the year at quarter end and the Barclays Aggregate Bond market was up 2.45%. My

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