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Joy & Stuff: A Complicated Relationship

I love my home and I often hate my house. I love driving my car and I often hate the car itself. It seems that the ‘stuff’ that surrounds us can both give us incredible joy and also imprison us, depending on the day and circumstance. In the most recent edition of Financial Planning magazine, an article by Carolyn McClanahan caught my eye. Titled, ‘Fewer Regrets, Better Retirement’ the article stated, “Many expensive items have ownership costs, while experiences actually bring happiness. Identifying and disposing of physical assets in a client’s life that no longer bring meaning helps them simplify their existence and expenses.” This, I thought to myself, is an area worth exploring. In th

When will it End?

The question on everyone’s mind: When will the stock market rally end? Since March of 2009, the stock market (‘The Dow’) has experienced a nice recovery and expansion from a value of roughly 6,500 up to over 22,000. This leads to the obvious question you may be asking: “Is the market poised for a big drop, and when?” Of course, we don’t know exactly when or how much the market will fall. But what we can share with you what we’re watching for, which may provide clues to what’s coming. We will also offer some thoughts on what we’re doing to prepare for it and cost of making large timing moves. Recession Indicator / Business Cycle Data Review Below are some of the data points and variables we

When will it End? - Advisor Focused

Why do successful Advisors remain balanced and invested if we think a recession may happen? With all our knowledge, shouldn’t we be able to move out and sit in cash or bonds and wait for a better entry? This is a natural thought. Think about a professional golfer with a very difficult long putt. If you have never golfed before that’s ok, try remembering back to a really hard putt putt hole. There is always a chance you make the putt. The better you are, the better your chance. Based on this conclusion you would think professional golfers would always go for making the hard putt. After all, they have the skillset to make the putt much better than an amateur golfer would. Ironically, whi

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