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Manager Interview - Part 1

We decided to put together a series of the hard-hitting questions that investment managers are being asked today. We asked our research team and internal advisors to hit us with everything they got. Due to the length of the interview, we will break into a 2 part series. It feels like a great way to end the year, to let into the mind of a manager. Enjoy! 1. What is a reasonable return expectation for a balanced, all-stock portfolio over the next 5 years? This is certainly difficult to predict because speculation can take over and drive prices much higher over shorter time frames. That said, stock returns are comprised of 3 main variables: dividends, earnings and company valuation. Valuati

Learning Something New; Why Financial Language is so Hard to Understand

A big part of what we do is educating people about the financial and investment landscape. Those who are able to speak with a high level of financial knowledge or any other topic typically have the following: Have the time to interact in that topic often Have the knowledge through education or self study Enjoy the topic / have the will power for it I am one of those guys who loves to learn something new. Studying a topic or subject is fun for me. Several occasions in college I actually spent more time studying topics that had nothing to do with my classes that semester. Recently I started studying something I have never tried before. A new language, Koine Greek. Why I Struggle Learning a La

Simple Investing:  Active, Passive and a Long Term Method for Success

Basic Investing Formula Investing has two equally important decisions. Buying and Selling. Since time works to our advantage, buying at a fair price and waiting a long period of time 3-5 years or longer will generally produce very fruitful results. Ultimately, investing is buying a future stream of cash flows at a price today. The harder part is maintaining a clear discipline for buying and selling the future stream at a good price. Our magic formula for all stock purchases and sales decisions, aims to help clarify and simplify the process: 1. Current Financial Health, Free Cash Flow and Staying Power must show positive signs with strong fundamentals. 2. Future Stock Returns will like

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