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What does the Tax Cut mean for the Stock Market?

What does the tax cut mean for the Stock market? Many people are wondering what the tax cut means for the US Stock market. We thought it might be helpful to take a good look at some historical patterns and overlay a bit of common sense on what tax cuts might mean for the future. With that said, let me quote famous investor Warren Buffet in saying, “If past history was all that is needed to play the game of money, the richest people would be librarians.” Key Starting Points Some portion of tax cuts will be passed along to investors. History generally shows that companies don't see as big a benefit from tax cuts as many may think, on aggregate. Market valuations relative to interest rates i

Tax Reform: How Will You Be Affected?

On December 22, 2017, President Trump signed a sweeping $1.5 trillion tax-cut package that fundamentally changes the individual and business tax landscape. The centerpiece of the legislation is a permanent reduction of the corporate income tax rate from 35% to 21%. Among other business provisions are a shift to a territorial tax system (in which businesses pay taxes only on U.S. income), incentives to repatriate foreign profits, repeal of the corporate alternative minimum tax, and a 20% deduction (through 2025) on certain income from pass-through businesses such as limited liability companies. While most corporate provisions are permanent, the following provisions for individual taxpayers ap

Emotional Tweets: A Cautionary Tale For Investors

Regardless of one’s political leanings, there seems to be a consensus among those that I talk with; frequent Tweets often do more harm than good. Let’s not single out Twitter, for it’s not the specific tool that’s the problem. The same can be said of Facebook, Instagram, etc…choose your medium. The concern many of us seem to share is the immediacy that we’re able to exercise when sending our innermost thoughts out to the world, yes THE WORLD. Not only can this have unintended consequences for politicians or emotional teenagers, but this very human tendency can cause problems for investors as well. When a person chooses to invest in the stock or bond markets, a few critical elements must

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