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Will the Good Times Keep Rolling? A Look Back to 2017

Fourth quarter 2017 added strong gains with the Wilshire 5000 Stock Index growing 5.88% while the Barclays Aggregate Bond Index added a steady 0.50%. This moved stock returns up 18.97% for 2017 and the aggregate bond market up 3.71%. *(Source Folio Institutional Custodial Reporting) Accounts have moved forward nicely for 2017, exceeding our long term planning objectives at each risk level. When the year began we held an expectation of volatility returning to markets during the second half of 2017, with the highest probability of a temporary disruption to happen in October / November as the Federal Reserve began the process of unwinding the central bank balance sheet. It seems we missed the

Are You Settling, and What Is It Costing You?

Since the stock market has made back some lost ground and seems to be a bit more stable than it has been, I’d like to address a topic that is arguably more personal and maybe more useful than worrying about market volatility. That said, please let me know if you have market or financial concerns you’d like to discuss. In discussions with friends and clients over the years, I’m often reminded that the best outcomes to challenges and opportunities are generally realized after asking the right questions. And since we all only have one shot at living a great life, there’s a fair amount of responsibility I feel in learning how to ask great questions, which hopefully lead to better outcomes.

When Good News is Bad - The Market Finally Corrects

What a difference a couple weeks can make. From a full year of smooth sailing without so much as a wave, to what may feel like a full on storm in the stock market. Ironically, the storm was started when markets received word of solid wage growth and good economic numbers. The good news sent the markets down a bit due to added pressure on interest rates and inflation concern. But before we all start to worry, lets put this in perspective a bit. As I write this, the stock market value is simply back to the early December levels, a time when everyone seemed pleased with the direction and returns. Since 1945, the S&P 500 has registered 77 drops between 5-10%, almost a once a year average (Gugg

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