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2018 Market Outlook

As a general rule, we are not big fans of giving market outlooks. Our view is simple: Markets for securities are inherently volatile and capricious. Some days, weeks, months, years they go up. Others down. The market is like a giant scale that constantly weighs information but can take years for the scale to accurately settle. Over 10,20,30 year periods the market will reflect the compounded profit and interest in a very effective manner, but the short run is extremely unpredictable. Allowing the wonder of time and interest to work in your favor is the greatest advantage investors hold. Making sure we own companies with strong balance sheets and business models are the second great ad

Is Buying a House like Buying a Stock?

Yes! If you have ever gone through the process of purchasing a house then you already understand the basic concepts of analyzing a stock. My wife and I are currently agonizing over the possibility of needing to move again to support our growing family and possible bedroom needs of having 4 girls and 1 boy. I recommended Gavin and I start bunking in the basement once the teenage years hit as an easy solution. My suggestion was met with an eye roll, which I think means no. We have generally found the following are the key steps in buying a house…. and a stock: 1. Location, Location, Location Buying a great house in a terrible neighborhood is not going to help your home value. When

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