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An Affordable Insurance Solution

An Affordable Insurance Solution Most of our clients who have life insurance typically have some form of term life insurance. We generally find term life helps execute most financial plans at the lowest cost. However, at times we find the combination of higher net worth, advanced tax planning and legacy objectives may call for alternative insurance choices. Below is a little excerpt on one such option. If you feel the need, or have not had your insurance reviewed by us lately please give us a call. Coverage for Two Survivorship life insures the lives of two people, typically a married couple, and pays a death benefit after the death of the last-surviving covered person. For this reason, it

Is the Tide about to Change? - Value Stocks vs. Growth Stocks

Is the Tide about to Change? – Value Stocks vs. Growth Stocks Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked – Warren Buffet A classic stock investing debate has always existed between favoring more Growth-oriented companies or favoring companies selling at a large discount to a fair price, also referred to as Value. Choosing between these 2 competing investment styles is like choosing between cake and ice cream. You want both. In the perfect world, you can find solid growth companies selling at a discount to a fair company value, allowing you to receive a long-term return from both the profit growth and stock price returning to a fair value. Like purchasing a home

Q2 2018 Market Update

Equity Markets rebounded in the second quarter, propelled by economic (GDP) growth of 4.1% Companies continued a strong run of solid earnings The valuation bar and expectations for the market remain high, which seems to have provided a pause in price growth There is growing concern around interest rates and trade tariffs tipping the economy into recession, which leads to cautious optimism of current numbers Broad equity markets rebounded nicely in the second quarter, bringing the Wilshire 5000 and S&P 500 slightly positive for the year, up 2.16% and 1.67% respectively. We are pleased to see investment strategies and client accounts have also rebounded back to more normal levels from the rece

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