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The Market Seems Angry; How Are You Feeling?

And just like that, we’re wondering if it’s finally here. We’ve been talking about the next big market decline for so long now, it’s begun to feel like crying wolf. Ten years removed from the last recession, we’re due, painfully so. The last two days the market (‘the Dow’) has declined over 1,300 points. That amounts to roughly 5%, almost instantly. All market gains (not counting dividend income) most investors have seen year-to-date just vanished in two days. I don’t enjoy this. It’s normal and necessary but I don’t enjoy it any more than you do. When you’re nearing retirement, this can be especially nerve-wracking. With a big enough decline, will your retirement be delayed? If you’re alrea

Update on Volatility

Management Update on Volatility (10-11-2018) Looks like markets are taking a much needed breather. Yesterday (October 11th), the S&P 500 dropped - 3.29%. From September 20th to October 11th the S&P 500 dropped -6.91% (Ycharts Data). So what happened? This was likely the result of some adjustments relative to higher interest rates. Similar to the decline in January/February earlier this year, we would expect a very typical -5% to -10% decline. In January/February we saw an official -10% correction as rates rose in similar fashion. Given the backdrop of a very solid economy, we view this as a continuation of increased volatility while markets adjust to slightly higher rates and reduced valuati

How Do You Measure Success

One of the key questions we ask clients before investing is, “how will you measure success”? The answer to this question helps create a powerful decision-making map and review process for the advisor and yourself. We generally find there are 4 key Dimensions to this question, which can drastically change your investments and planning experience. The dimensions are Planning, Diversified Benchmark, Concentrated Benchmark and Time. The first dimension...Planning, is the key element to create overall success when done right and with clear expectations. Therefore, our preferred method of measuring success is against your own planning benchmarks. It is typical for most people to judge success by t

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