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The Uses and Goals of Money

Earlier this year, we started working with a new outside strategic advisor, Josh Rochon. Josh works as an Advisor for Fourth Dimension Financial in Perrysburg, OH and utilizes Evergreen Wealth Management for helping to manage client money. Josh is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and we thought it would be beneficial to share some of his insight. We hope you enjoy! Recently, while meeting with two successful entrepreneurs I was asked a question that I’m often asked, “Josh, what should I do with my money?” I was a bit taken back because these two brothers are quite successful and have plenty of places to send their money. I was quickly reminded that what people are usually asking with this so

Q3 2018 Market Update

Let me apologize for the delay in this quarterly update. With the elections, interest rate and trade announcements that were coming, I decided to drag my feet and release a Q3 and more update that I believe would hold added relevance. Equity Markets continued a move forward in the second quarter. However, the gains were quickly undone starting September 20th as the US equity markets peaked and then declined near -10% up to October 29th.​ Fear over higher interest rates, poor international markets, and trade tariff talks seemed to fuel the decline. The valuation bar and expectations for the market remain high, which will allow markets to stumble more quickly when fear is introduced. As ment

What Would a "Blue Wave" Election Mean for Investments?

When times of uncertainty enter the market it is vital to remember that the fundamental value of a stock is based on future cash flow…that is profit, discounted to present value. Therefore, the stock market is simply the sum of the values of all the individual stocks reflecting the expected future profits discounted back to present value. If businesses expect to make more profit, more investors buy, driving up prices. When it comes to impeachment, elections, or any future event…the market has already taken into account the “predictive process” in sum. That is to say if most people feel a “Blue Wave” will result in major changes or impeachment possibilities…much of this has already been acc

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