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A client recently asked me how I felt about a top 10 mutual fund list, which shows the top performing mutual funds from a 1, 3, 5 or 10-year periods. I said, “For the most part, they are meaningless.” I think the client knew I was not a fan, but he seemed surprised by my answer. I quickly clarified, “It’s not that the list themselves are meaningless, but more often then not people look at these lists to pick their next mutual fund (ETF, Stock, etc.) to buy. Investment managers make it to the top of these lists all the time by accident." Accident? Is it crazy for me to say that? How does an investment manager accidentally make it to the top? I think there are 3 possible reasons why a mutual f

Evergreen Annual Letter - 2019

2018 Year End Review and Forward Outlook After all the ups and downs of 2018, the US Stock market, as represented by the Wilshire 5000 index, ended the year down -7.13%. Less risky bonds, as represented by the Barclays Capital Aggregate Bond Index, declined -0.18%. Since the year-end, the markets have been in recovery mode and moving up nicely with the US Stock market, gaining over 8.96% so far year to date (1-1-2019 to 2-12-2019). When we reflect on the ups and downs of the stock market in 2018, nothing really surprised us. During our 2018 outlook letter, we warned that volatility would certainly pick up on the weight of interest rates, government spending, taxes, and trade policy. The

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