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Trade War - A Game of Chicken

In a car game of chicken, only 2 possible outcomes exist. Either someone gives up and swerves away in time to avoid the crash OR the cars crash. The US and China are engaged in a very dangerous game of chicken… trade war style. Of course, when you watch cars charging 100mph at each other, as a common sense observer you innately assume that no one can be that stupid and eventually someone will swerve. Most of the time, this is the outcome since it is a greater benefit to give in than to crash both cars. Trade wars may create equality….but equality with both countries worse off is probably not the desired outcome. In our view, countries should always be pursuing freedom, not equality. “A

Q1 2019 Market Update & Vision Recap

Wow! What a run the market has been on recently. As of today (4/26/19), the Wilshire 5000 has increased +17.17% for the year, completing a rebound from the 4th quarter declines and pushing accounts back to all-time highs. Normally I spend our quarterly updates explaining the bigger picture items that are driving markets such as interest rates, corporate profits, GDP, unemployment, among others. However, with markets doing so well and accounts at solid levels, we thought it might be nice to have a change of pace and give a quick vision update. For those who desire a little more technical market update, make sure you have read our 2019 Annual Letter. It has a good overview of recent happ

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