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Which Dominos Have Fallen?

“Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years” – Warren Buffet In the prior two market update articles, we discussed the dominos that would need to fall to potentially create a recession. Here is a recap of how the market now stands: Domino 1: Businesses shut down, leading to a temporary halt to economic activity Current Reality We have seen this domino fall to various degrees across the country. The length of time these businesses remain closed will largely dictate the depth of the crisis. Domino 2: If the length of the shutdown is long, then cracks could appear in the financial system. Even well-capitalized banks may need additional l

The Market: What's Old Is New Again

The Market: What's Old Is New Again Wow! What a wild ride the markets have experienced the last few weeks. A jolt like this is startling when markets decide to drop so quickly, but if we choose to take a look at history, we can gain some much-needed perspective. While the last few weeks have certainly been fast and furious, the long view reveals the current result hasn’t really been all that unique…thus far. Here’s a closer look at the current markets as well as a brief discussion of how we’ll navigate this volatility in order to benefit long-term. Current Reality Stock markets are down around -15% year-to-date (S&P 500 / Wilshire 5000) Core bond markets are up around 5% year-to-date (Core A

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