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Evergreen Wealth can help consult, target and manage your desired outcome with a full spectrum of investment tools and custom solutions.  
Over the years we have found small to mid-level institutions lack the investment expertise to truly understand long term funding.  
Typically we see cookie-cutter approaches with greatly reduced service levels.  
Our aim is to create a highly custom solution, focused on your specific outcome, executed by the right professionals. 
Reducing REAL risk and dampening funded status volatility relative to desired outcomes should be your primary focus 
Outcome-Based Investing and other de-risking strategies are designed to mitigate REAL risk and meet funding objectives

The Problem with the industry is the incorrect identification of risk.  Most risk assessment models focus on short term volatility using back looking results to make forward-looking decisions. This approach comes with a huge cost, including unfunding objectives.  We believe a simple and more prudent solution exists by properly identifying risk and aligning forward-looking assumptions