3 Pillars of Retirement Savings


How Much

We Save!



How Long

We Save!



What we

Invest In!


The Latte Habit

The effects of small, but consistent habits. How can we create positive habits for investing?

Creating a Millionaire Habit!

Savings Rate and Time are the most important factors when it comes to investing. Setting aside even a little amount over a long period of time can have a huge impact on your savings.  

For those who want to become a millionaire the chart on the right shows approximately how much you will need to save each month if your portfolio had a 6% return.

Looking at the results, what percentage of your income is necessary to save in order to achieve the $1M outcome?

The Difference of 2% 

Given enough time, the amount of savings necessary to build a $1M decreases dramatically when invested in a proper asset allocation.

When investing in a proper allocation, the percentage of income necessary to save in order to build $1M also decreases dramatically when investing earlier in life.

You may delay, but Time will not. 

 - Benjamin Franklin

What should your savings be?

Walk through your own personal time frame and savings ability to see how much you should be saving.

Historical Returns of stocks and bonds from 1926 - 2015

Over any 1-year period investment risk and volatility are high. Even with various allocation mixes of stocks and bonds.


When expanding our time horizon to 3,5, and 10 year periods, we see investment risk and volatility decrease. 


Biggest Risk to your Retirement Savings = Emotions